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Liz Claiborne shoes- A branded image of women’s footwear

March 27th, 2012

Shoes are is the most irresistible part of outfit in most women. Also, if it is a very trendy it will be the mark of prestige among them. But sometimes it proves to be expensive & incompatible. Hence it is essential to select appropriate footwear which is trendy as well as prove to be cheaper. Every woman while selecting footwear for her concentrates on comfort, trendy, branded, flat or with heels. For satisfying such needs there is one well-known brand among women’s footwear is Liz Claiborne shoes.  These are manufactured & marketed by Liz Claiborne Shoes Inc. which functions as a subsidiary of Liz Claiborne Inc. It has opened its own departmental store & one stop shopping centers in order to cater the needs of men as well as women.

 Liz Claiborne shoes

Liz Claiborne shoes are offered in various outlets, shopping malls, at times it can be purchased online from various shopping websites like,, online store etc. The Liz Claiborne has met the equilibrium among all the needs of potential buyer woman. They exactly portrayed that at which today women can conceptualizes their needs & wants. Thus, they had given specific attention over design, quality, trendiness, & most important price of shoes. That is why their brand name becomes spectacular.

Liz Claiborne shoes are available for all customs like footwear to wear in workplace or in parties or events & also for casual uses. The durability & comfort is the remarkable characteristic of this footwear. Thus they have gained notable acclaim worldwide. One of the remarkable achievement of these footwear as it was ranked 14th in shopping in the South-point neighborhood inJacksonville,FL.

Following is the outlook over the price tags of some varieties of these shoes:

There are total 12 types of shoes are available like with heels, loafers, platforms, pumps, sandals, slip-ons, stacked heels, wedges, dance types, flat, mules & slides. Each category is available in various sizes ranging from 5 to 12. Along with types & sizes they are available in different materials like denim, leather & satin. The price range of these shoes is from $ 9 to $ 79. Thus, with the wide range of types, vibrant colors, sizes & affordable prices a woman can build her prestige & status.

Thus, it can be concluded shortly that Liz Claiborne shoes now changing the overview of purchasing activity of every woman & aids to add a value to her prestige.